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4 Reasons why a zero turn mower is perfect for maintaining your large lawn

Maintaining a large lawn can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Especially if you don't have the right machinery. One of the best machines you can buy for maintaining your large lawn is a zero turn mower. Zero turn mowers have become increasingly popular with homeowners in recent years because of their efficiency and accuracy. But why is this riding mower so ideal for maintaining your large lawn? In this article, read about the advantages of a zero turn mower, why this mower is worth considering and what to consider when buying.

The advantages of zero turn mowers

Zero turn mowers are designed to make mowing lawns easier and more efficient. The following advantages make buying a zero turn mower worth considering.

1. Work efficiently through agility and manoeuvrability

One of the biggest advantages of zero turn mowers is their exceptional agility and manoeuvrability. Unlike other riding mowers, which often have to poke back and forth to manoeuvre around trees, bushes and other obstacles, zero turn mowers can manoeuvre quickly and easily. This allows you to mow faster and more efficiently. Especially when you have a large lawn with many obstacles.

2. Save time and effort

Zero turn mowers are not only manoeuvrable, but also very fast. Thanks to the combination of manoeuvrability and speed, you mow your lawn in a much shorter time than with a traditional mower. Moreover, you need to exert less effort, making lawn mowing less tiring and time-consuming. This means you spend less time mowing your lawn and more time on other activities you enjoy.

3. Increase precision and control

Zero turn mowers have two control levers, which allow you to control the mower more precisely compared to other riding mowers. You can control the speed and direction of each lever separately. This allows you to control the mower better and mow much more precisely.

4. Comfort

Zero turn mowers are designed with user comfort in mind. When you are sitting on a zero turn mower you have an upright, comfortable sitting position. You don't have to lean forwards to control the mower. This makes mowing large lawns less tiring. With the comfort of a zero turn mower, mowing your lawn is no longer a task you dread, but an activity you can enjoy.

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Important considerations when buying a zero turn mower

After reading about the benefits of a zero turn mower, I can imagine you want to get one now. However, before you make your purchase, there are a number of factors to consider:

Size and complexity of your lawn

The size and complexity of your lawn are important factors when choosing a zero turn mower. The size and complexity of your lawn will determine how powerful the engine should be and which cutting width is best suited for you to work quickly and efficiently. If you have a large lawn with many open areas, then a mower with a large cutting width is the ideal choice. The Snapper ZTX350 has a cutting width of 132 centimetres, making it suitable for mowing large lawns. But if you have a lawn where you also want to mow through tight passages, then a Snapper ZTX105 will suit you better. This compact zero turn mower has a cutting width of only 91 centimetres.

Desired features

Some zero turn mowers come with additional features, such as a mulching kit or cargo bed. These features can be useful if, for example, you want to use the grass clippings as natural lawn care or if you want to use the mower to move tools or flowers. It's important to determine which features you need and which you don't, so you can choose a mower that meets your specific needs.


When choosing a zero turn mower, budget is an important factor to consider. It's important to note that the price of a mower depends on various factors such as its horsepower, cutting width, and any additional features it may offer. It's wise to compare different models and price ranges and choose what best suits your specific needs and budget. This way, you can be sure of an efficient and comfortable mowing experience for your lawn without breaking the bank.

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In short, a zero turn mower is an ideal choice for maintaining a large lawn due to the efficiency, precision, speed, and comfort it offers. If you are considering purchasing a zero turn mower, be sure to consider the size and complexity of your lawn, your budget, and desired features. With the right choice of zero turn mower, you can mow quickly and efficiently, and spend more time on activities you enjoy.

Check out the Snapper zero turn mowers, find the right zero turn mower for you, and enjoy a beautifully mowed lawn!