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Congratulations on being the proud owner of your new Snapper lawn product! We are confident you made a great choice and we want you to know that we will work on keeping you happy.

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You purchased a product and you want to enjoy it as long as possible. We understand that. Whenever you experience inconvenience with your equipment or could use some help with maintenance, we are here for you.

The best way we can support you and your product, is by providing us with information about your recent purchase. Register your product today, and get the best out of your Snapper equipment for a lifetime!

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About four times a year you will receive an email about how to prepare your mower and garden tools for the upcoming season. That way your equipment doesn’t just look good from the outside, it will also be happy on the inside.

Support when needed


The more we know about your product, the better we can provide you with tailored and additional information for servicing your product. We are here for you.



We thoroughly check the quality of each and every product. Nevertheless, if your product is subject to a recall, we can inform you immediately about the issue when you are registered.

Product registration

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Registering is easy and fast - you do not need to create an account. All you need to do is fill out some basic information about you and your new product, and the trouble-free enjoying can begin.

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Where can I find these numbers

You can find your model and serial number on the data tag. In the case of tractors and zero turns the data tag is mounted on the frame.

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