Man mowing alongside tree with ZTX175
High-speed, Manoeuvrable and Robust

Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers let you easily navigate around obstacles and get into tight spaces

You will not miss a single blade of grass with a Snapper zero turn mower. Our Snapper zero turn mowers, with a turning radius of 0 degrees, offer unparalleled maneuverability and speed. Allowing you to mow your lawn with precision and efficiency.

Man mowing lawn with ZTX350 close up

Zero turn mower with side discharge

Need to mow large areas of lawn with few obstacles?

A side discharge zero turn mower ejects clippings from the side of the mower deck, which makes it ideal for mowing large areas of lawn with minimal obstacles.

Man mowing alongside path with ZTX175

Zero turn mower with rear discharge

No grass clippings in your flower beds or on your paving?

With a rear discharge zero turn mower, clippings are ejected at the rear of the mower deck, reducing the risk of clippings landing in your carefully maintained flower beds.

Enjoy effortless mowing in narrow spaces with the compact ZTX105

The ZTX105 can get to places other zero turn mowers can not go. Although compact in size, he is just as powerful as his bigger brothers.

Woman mowing alongside flower bed with ZTX105

All our zero turn mowers

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Cutting method

Cutting width


Forward speed

ZTX105 R

Cargo bed

5.824 m²/h

Cutting width
91 cm

ZTX175 R

Cargo bed

9.416 m²/h

Cutting width
107 cm

ZTX275 R

Cargo bed

10.736 m²/h

Cutting width
122 cm

ZTX350 R

Cargo bed

12.672 m²/h

Cutting width
132 cm

Find the right zero turn mower for you

Our buying advice wil help you choose the right zero turn mower for you.

Woman mowing alongside flower bed with ZTX105

Commercially Inspired

To stand the test of time

Built to handle any task. All Snapper zero turn mowers have robust, commercially inspired features such as:

  • A fully welded steel frame
  • A thick-walled front axle
  • A fabricated steel mower deck
ZTX350 RF hero

Reliable Engines

Powered by Briggs & Stratton

Our zero turns are powered by reliable Briggs & Stratton engines that deliver consistent and reliable power, ensuring superior performance and durability. With an excellent service network you will be able to maintain your engine for many years to come.

ZTX105 175 engine